Line Form Collage Sneak Peak

I’m gonna kickstarter this small sketchbook soon.  Here’s a sneak peak.  It comes with a forward about the process.  Here’s a sneak peak of that too…

“All the illustrations in this booklet were drawn digitally on a tablet with a stylus, often reclined horizontally on the couch in my office, drawing upside down. Besides my inverted orientation, drawing digitally is otherwise very similar to pen and paper, with one difference that changes everything. The one thing digital has changed forever is erasing mistakes. Instead of a common eraser tool (which, full disclosure, is still an option), now we have the undo command, also known as ‘Control-Z’. With this new option, instead of erasing a gesture I could just undo it and go again. Rather than carefully planning a gesture and then augmenting it in small increments to perfect it, I would just redraw the whole thing. I began to prioritize speed and…”